2020 Book Bring-Back Event: No Foul, No Fine, No Books Left Behind!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Hey, so remember that book you borrowed from the Library that one time and never took back? No? Well, we do, and we miss it! We have more than 7,000 items (wow!) that are way past due and need your help! We hope you can check your bags, cars, and under your bed for our things and bring them back as part of our 2020 Book Bring-Back Event: No Foul, No Fine, No Books Left Behind! This year's event starts Monday, September 14.

We have a 24-hour book return on the east side of the Town Hall building for your convenience. Items are held for at least 72 hours before check-in to avoid risks associated with COVID-19.

Library items can be identified by a "Little Elm Public Library" or "Little Elm Community Library" barcode on the back cover. When you have located these items, please return them to us as soon as possible! If you cannot locate these library materials or believe this message has been sent in error, please contact the Library staff at 214-975-0430 to discuss your account.

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