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3D Printing - Laser Cutting and Engraving - CNC Milling

Makers, creators, tinkerers, artists, crafters, and entrpreneurs: welcome to the Makerspace at Little Elm Public Library!


Whether it's fun or functional, you supply the creativity, and we'll supply the tools to bring your creations to life. Come learn, imagine, create, and, most importantly, make!

The Makerspace is free to use by adults and teens ages 16+, who are Little Elm Public Library cardholders with accounts in good standing (not expired, no overdues or fees).

Safety and Equipment Training required prior to use; see calendar for dates and times.

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Free digital designs are available on and The creators of the shared designs on these sites may have restrictions on usage, so please read carefully.  

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Compatible Design Software:

  • Voxelizer

  • Simplify3D

  • Cura

  • Slic3r

  • Tinkercad

  • SketchUp Free



Laser Cutter laser cutting machine for use by any patron with a valid, full privilege Lewisville library card in good standing.  Be sure to review The Hive User Guidelines for full details on using the laser cutter.

The laser cutter is free to use; however, patrons must supply their own materials in accordance with the material guidelines listed below. Some merchandise, provided by the Friends of the Library, is available for purchase such as key tags, wooden bookmarks, metal tumblers, and bamboo cutting boards. All merchandise is blank and approved for use on the laser cutter. Visit The Hive to view a display of available merchandise.

What is a laser cutter?

A laser cutting machine uses the high precision and speed of a laser to cut or engrave a wide variety of materials. Laser mark your name on a insulated metal tumbler. Cut or engrave intricate designs in paper or wood. Etch your business logo on acrylic or glass. And more!

Getting Started

All patrons requesting to use the laser cutter must have a valid full privilege Lewisville library card in good standing, and complete a training course on proper machinery usage prior to checking out the machine materials. Contact The Hive for training opportunities.
Files for use on the laser cutter can be created using one of several different graphic software including CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and AutoCAD. CorelDraw and the Adobe Creative Suite will be available for use at the Library.
The laser cutter is available on a first come, first serve basis and must be checked out at The Hive service desk.
For safety purposes, all patrons must stay with their laser projects as they are running. Abandoned projects will be canceled. 

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