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The Authors' Corner

This area is designated to promote the talents of local authors from around the North Texas region. Take a moment to learn about some of our local authors, then come by the library to find their books!

Are you a local author who would like to be featured here? Email Justin Swink, for more information!

Novales, Keka

Keka Novales grew up in Guatemala City, Guatemala, which is located in Central America. Growing up, she wanted to be a doctor, a vet, a ballerina, an engineer, and a writer. Keka moved several times and changed schools, so she has plenty of experience being the 'new kid.' Her grandparents had a vital role in her life. Abuelo was always making jokes, and Abuelita helped everyone around her. Keka currently lives with her family in Denton, Texas.

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Sanders, Norman Leston

Norman Leston Sanders is a Little Elm resident.

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